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"Condition contains details for one aspect of the current state of this API Resource."



fn withLastTransitionTime


"Time is a wrapper around time.Time which supports correct marshaling to YAML and JSON. Wrappers are provided for many of the factory methods that the time package offers."

fn withMessage


"message is a human readable message indicating details about the transition. This may be an empty string."

fn withObservedGeneration


"observedGeneration represents the .metadata.generation that the condition was set based upon. For instance, if .metadata.generation is currently 12, but the .status.conditions[x].observedGeneration is 9, the condition is out of date with respect to the current state of the instance."

fn withReason


"reason contains a programmatic identifier indicating the reason for the condition's last transition. Producers of specific condition types may define expected values and meanings for this field, and whether the values are considered a guaranteed API. The value should be a CamelCase string. This field may not be empty."

fn withType


"type of condition in CamelCase or in"