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"EndpointPort is a tuple that describes a single port."



fn withAppProtocol


"The application protocol for this port. This is used as a hint for implementations to offer richer behavior for protocols that they understand. This field follows standard Kubernetes label syntax. Valid values are either:\n\n Un-prefixed protocol names - reserved for IANA standard service names (as per RFC-6335 and\n\n Kubernetes-defined prefixed names:\n * '' - HTTP/2 prior knowledge over cleartext as described in\n * '' - WebSocket over cleartext as described in\n * '' - WebSocket over TLS as described in\n\n* Other protocols should use implementation-defined prefixed names such as"

fn withName


"The name of this port. This must match the 'name' field in the corresponding ServicePort. Must be a DNS_LABEL. Optional only if one port is defined."

fn withPort


"The port number of the endpoint."

fn withProtocol


"The IP protocol for this port. Must be UDP, TCP, or SCTP. Default is TCP."