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"Represents a Persistent Disk resource in AWS.\n\nAn AWS EBS disk must exist before mounting to a container. The disk must also be in the same AWS zone as the kubelet. An AWS EBS disk can only be mounted as read/write once. AWS EBS volumes support ownership management and SELinux relabeling."



fn withFsType


"fsType is the filesystem type of the volume that you want to mount. Tip: Ensure that the filesystem type is supported by the host operating system. Examples: \"ext4\", \"xfs\", \"ntfs\". Implicitly inferred to be \"ext4\" if unspecified. More info:"

fn withPartition


"partition is the partition in the volume that you want to mount. If omitted, the default is to mount by volume name. Examples: For volume /dev/sda1, you specify the partition as \"1\". Similarly, the volume partition for /dev/sda is \"0\" (or you can leave the property empty)."

fn withReadOnly


"readOnly value true will force the readOnly setting in VolumeMounts. More info:"

fn withVolumeID


"volumeID is unique ID of the persistent disk resource in AWS (Amazon EBS volume). More info:"