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"StatefulSetUpdateStrategy indicates the strategy that the StatefulSet controller will use to perform updates. It includes any additional parameters necessary to perform the update for the indicated strategy."



fn withType


"Type indicates the type of the StatefulSetUpdateStrategy. Default is RollingUpdate."

obj rollingUpdate

"RollingUpdateStatefulSetStrategy is used to communicate parameter for RollingUpdateStatefulSetStrategyType."

fn rollingUpdate.withMaxUnavailable


"IntOrString is a type that can hold an int32 or a string. When used in JSON or YAML marshalling and unmarshalling, it produces or consumes the inner type. This allows you to have, for example, a JSON field that can accept a name or number."

fn rollingUpdate.withPartition


"Partition indicates the ordinal at which the StatefulSet should be partitioned for updates. During a rolling update, all pods from ordinal Replicas-1 to Partition are updated. All pods from ordinal Partition-1 to 0 remain untouched. This is helpful in being able to do a canary based deployment. The default value is 0."