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"EndpointPort represents a Port used by an EndpointSlice"



fn withAppProtocol


"The application protocol for this port. This field follows standard Kubernetes label syntax. Un-prefixed names are reserved for IANA standard service names (as per RFC-6335 and Non-standard protocols should use prefixed names such as"

fn withName


"The name of this port. All ports in an EndpointSlice must have a unique name. If the EndpointSlice is dervied from a Kubernetes service, this corresponds to the Service.ports[].name. Name must either be an empty string or pass DNS_LABEL validation: * must be no more than 63 characters long. * must consist of lower case alphanumeric characters or '-'. * must start and end with an alphanumeric character. Default is empty string."

fn withPort


"The port number of the endpoint. If this is not specified, ports are not restricted and must be interpreted in the context of the specific consumer."

fn withProtocol


"The IP protocol for this port. Must be UDP, TCP, or SCTP. Default is TCP."