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"Represents a Persistent Disk resource in AWS.\n\nAn AWS EBS disk must exist before mounting to a container. The disk must also be in the same AWS zone as the kubelet. An AWS EBS disk can only be mounted as read/write once. AWS EBS volumes support ownership management and SELinux relabeling."



fn withFsType


"Filesystem type of the volume that you want to mount. Tip: Ensure that the filesystem type is supported by the host operating system. Examples: \"ext4\", \"xfs\", \"ntfs\". Implicitly inferred to be \"ext4\" if unspecified. More info:"

fn withPartition


"The partition in the volume that you want to mount. If omitted, the default is to mount by volume name. Examples: For volume /dev/sda1, you specify the partition as \"1\". Similarly, the volume partition for /dev/sda is \"0\" (or you can leave the property empty)."

fn withReadOnly


"Specify \"true\" to force and set the ReadOnly property in VolumeMounts to \"true\". If omitted, the default is \"false\". More info:"

fn withVolumeID


"Unique ID of the persistent disk resource in AWS (Amazon EBS volume). More info:"